I am in the business of taking quiet, meek, and shy people and turning them into Strong Dom/mes in ALL aspects of their lives.

At the age of 15, I began my quest for truth, which led me to study Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology so that I could better understand and escape the toxic environment around me. Through my studies in Existentialism, I discovered Authentic Living, which led me to my unashamed and unapologetic (and sometimes public) practices of BDSM. because BDSM is a part of who I am. I refuse to shamefully hide who I am.

27 years later, I have built my life around Authentic Living and embracing ALL of my true self. This journey has filled me with happiness and freedom like no other. And I would love for nothing more than to pass this message and practice on to others.

By embracing BDSM, we learn to validate and accept the part of our neglected selves deep within our Id that society has conditioned us to abandon, be ashamed of, and fear. BDSM teaches us to accept our Id. It teaches us to accept ALL of ourselves. THIS is what I call ZEN BDSM. It’s BDSM that builds CONFIDENCE and HEALS through Mindful BDSM practice.

Step into your Fear, pass through the darkness, toward Freedom.

Mistress Anna aka Satan’s Wife