Once you’ve decide to take the next step, Contact Mistress Anna.

Mistress Anna will respond in one business day (If you message on a Friday, you will hear from her by Monday). Be ready to provide your age and also explain your experience level, your interests, and needs. She will attach this form for you to fill out and submit.

Mistress Anna provides you with all the options and prices: One-on-One Sessions, Individual on-going classes, or online options along with membership. Anything on-going, needs to include membership. Services and prices are available here.

Once you decide, which route you would like to take (Private or in Group), Mistress Anna will arrange a 30 minute – 1 hour coffee (no alcohol) in a neutral and public location (Mistress Anna prefers Eris in Brooklyn or DJ Reynold’s in Midtown). Mistress Anna is available at any time including weekdays.

At this first meeting, Mistress Anna will review your reasons for pursuing BDSM. Too many people use BDSM for the wrong reasons and Mistress Anna will not enable unhealthy mental practices. This meeting will also help flesh out the kind of arrangement you need.

Once membership is approved and paid, Mistress Anna will work with you to schedule classes and sessions. She prefers booking everything as much as possible in advance. If you are unable to do this, Mistress Anna is flexible and will work with you.

When and Where

Mistress Anna rents out space in Manhattan (Chelsea) and Brooklyn (Bushwick). Let her know which location works best for you and provide the times you are available. Once payment is received, Mistress Anna will book the space and confirm your appointment.

Group classes can include 2 to 15 people. Private sessions start at $100 and go up to $200/hour depending upon your goals.

Full Domination for the serious Kinkster looking to be fully dominated is available. Message Mistress Anna for details.

Refunds, cancellations, rain-checks

Maybe BDSM isn’t for you afterall.

If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel or reschedule a class, you are given the option to have the amount for the class fully refunded or have the funds go toward a future class.

If the cancelled class is part of a package rate, no refund is available. Just select another class to attend.

If the current class schedule does not coincide with your availability, let Mistress Anna know and she will work with you on availability.


Mistress Anna values your satisfaction. BDSM may take a couple classes to narrow down your exact combination of needs and desires. For this reason, Mistress Anna will follow up with you regularly so that she can adjust her approach to ensure you get the most out of every session.

While she respectfully honors all requests for refunds, it is most important to Mistress Anna that you get your needs met and that you find the right path for you with BDSM.