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My OnlyFans is not just a lifestyle. It’s therapy.

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I See you.

I am for the lost, the broken, and the empty wanderer. I am for real men who love real women. I am no painted doll. I am here because this is my passion and my hobby. THIS is what I genuinely love to do.

I listen. I engage. I offer playtime to help you escape from your reality. I will listen to whatever problem you need to unload about. I give you my time, my attention.

Here, in my Dungeon, you are accepted. You are wanted. Here, with me, you are validated. I love flirting and showing you my body. I LOVE making YOU feel good, wanted, and special. I love talking about sex and kinks. I love talking about what you want in bed.

I love it when you watch me. I love it more when we masturbate together. Call me your virtual girlfriend and let me entertain you.

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Hello, love.

I am 42 years old and have three children (all born via C-Section). I am 4’11” and weigh in at about 105 pounds. After living with Multiple Personality since 1988, I’ve finally learned to embrace my Authentic Self. I am a multiple and we are the Anna System. My name is Joanna, and I manage this System. I use this lifestyle to safely nurture my Alters who need this.

I was going to keep this private, but, after one day on OnlyFans, I realized that in keeping it secret, I was hiding us again. And hiding what we are is what broke our mind into pieces to begin with so… I will be unapologetically and shamelessly, our authentic selves. ALL of our Authentic Selves.

There are two of us who will be posting content:

Satan’s Wife (Straight) has been a BDSM Mistress since 1995. She loves to tease, flirt, flaunt, and deny while dominating men and making them fall to their knees. Mistress loves to put on a show. Her content focuses on corsets, boots, leather and lace photo shoots, and BDSM themed content. And yes. Full nudity. This website is her domain and The Devil’s Dungeon serves as another outlet she needs to be mentally healthy.

Goddess Imagination (Bisexual) is ethereal. Like a wood nymph who stepped from the Fae. She rides on the wind, dances naked in the rain, and bathes in moonlight. Imagination is an exhibitionist and loves being naked. She is a healer and feeds off of sexual energy to heal herself and others. She would love nothing more than for you to masturbate with her.

New content almost every day!

  • Shower and self-love videos. Masturbate with me!
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  • Strip shows. Pole-Dancing. Sex Dancing.
  • Erotica book readings from “The Secrets of Mara Lane”
  • ASMR
  • JOI
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Multiple Personality Etiquette:

Multiple Personality Disorder (Formally known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID) is a serious mental condition, and we do not make light of it. Do not romanticize this mental condition. However, after intense therapy, we are finally healed enough to talk about it and reveal our true authentic selves to the world. What we do here is a CELEBRATION of mental healing and strength.

The most common question I get about DID is, “Can i ask you about it?” Yes! Please feel free to ask us about DID. Talking about our condition validates us after being forced to hide what we are and who we are for more than 30 years.

Do not ask us to “summon” or “bring out” a personality. DID does not work that way. It also hurts our feelings. Asking for one of us is also telling the others that you don’t want them. And that is how DID begins. By being told that a part of you isn’t wanted.

Our pronouns are her/she, but we refer to all of us as “We” and “Us”

My OnlyFans FAQ

Q: How often do you post content?

A: Almost every weekday. I may take weekends off, but most likely not. I’m always working.

Q: i am new to OnlyFans. How does it work?

A: OnlyFans provides a safe place for people to post content. A subscription gains you access to the content, one-on-one conversations with the content provider, and additional in-app purchases and exclusive content only available to subscribers. Subscription prices range from content provider to content provider.

Q: What kind of content do you offer?

A: I sell my used panties, audio, video, and pictures

My business reputation is priceless and is worth more than any monetary amount. All digital merchandise is sent moments after payment is received through Zelle or PayPal. All clients must be 18

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years or older. I request reviews from all clients (anonymous options are available).