BDSM is analogous to partner dancing. The more one practices these skills, the more these skills filter into all other aspects of your life.

BDSM is everywhere. But Google “BDSM” and you’ll find impact, Domination, Humiliation, and gimp suits. This tends to intimidate the shy, the meek, and the gentle kinkster. However, Mistress Anna believes BDSM is a tool to help people build confidence and accept who they are. BDSM, when practiced mindfully, can lead you to an Authentic Life. Through Mindful BDSM practices, Mistress Anna teaches people to embrace all of themselves. This is Zen BDSM. Where BDSM meets Mindful, confidence building and healing.

A workshop provides the basics and provides a quick snapshot into one topic, but we provide the space and instruction just like an interactive dance with a partner that, like any other art, requires practice to improve.

BDSM is not just about whips and chains (what kinksters call “impact”).

Mistress Anna focuses on developing your personal growth through confidence building and fear management. Not just impact and Domination. She uses BDSM to help bring out the best version of you.

BDSM is on a spectrum that ranges from light play to hardcore impact. Most events and workshops on the market focus on hardcore impact. The Devil’s Dungeon provides a safe space for the full spectrum, with an emphasis on a mentally healthy beginning for a safe journey.